Tradeshow Giveaways

One example of our Trade Show Giveaway approach is to encourage having more than one type of item to give out to prospective customers.  We suggest having Three-Tiered giveaways.

  • Something inexpensive but memorable. This will satisfy the trade show attendees we call “grazers”, whose sole purpose seems to be the acquiring the free stuff in each booth.
  • Something mid-range. A nicer, more expensive item that you keep boxed under a table or behind a booth and is pulled out and given to trade show attendees who express an interest in your company or services.  These are items that will have a more controlled distribution at the show.
  • Something higher-end.  A premium gift reserved for your existing large customers or targeted potential customers to be given when they stop by your booth. This personal touch will be remembered and the relationship with your customer will grow stronger.

This Three-Tiered approach is just one of many we often implement with our customers to improve their return on investment. Contact us to for more information.

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